So what's the deal with this blog, Mike?

Purpose - A creative outlet that captures, archives, and details where my images have been published and the context in which they have been used. As always, the views of the authors using my images may not be, and many times are not, my own.

  • Years in labels correspond to the year published.
  • Screen captures are used because websites change or get taken down.
  • Because the intent is to capture how my images have been used, only a portion of the source web page may have been captured. 
  • The opinions on the websites are not mine and often have nothing to do with my thoughts.
  • I try to include a link to the web page source - but those may become broken.
  • I also try to include a translation for any non-English pages through Google translate.
    • Google translate may not always provide the 'tightest' translation. It may even seem silly.
    • Because my intent is not to provide the actual website, the translation may only be a snippet as well so that you, dear reader, get the flavor of how my image has been used.
    • Anyone can easily use Google Translate - just plop the link for the page into Google. When the results come up, instead of clicking on the link itself, to the right is a translate link. 
    • Google translate can also translate the page into other languages.
    • Because websites can disappear, I also post screenshots of the translated site. So what's my point? That means, if I screw up your language, or MY language for that matter, I can't edit the translation. Please accept my deepest apologies.
  • In some cases where Google Translate fails (not many), I'll use another translation engine, usually starting with yahoo translate (Bablefish). Bablefish seems to do a better job with Japanese.
  • I try to mix the content up. Waiting on deck in gmail, I often have a bunch of sites where my images have been found. As of this writing - over 100 sit, waiting patiently. Instead of putting them all in any kind of order, I try to mix the content so the readers of this blog are at least somewhat entertained.
  • And my old background image... The Gum Wall is now now longer as of 2015. For many years it could be found downstairs, around the corner, and around another corner from Pike Place Market - Seattle, Washington, shot on 28 June 2007.
It always makes me smile.
    Here's a better view: