Regarding Michael Kain

About me:
I am Flynn Wynn.
Flynn Wynn is a character.
I've won a few awards.

Since 2004 Michael Kain, working as himself and as Flynn Wynn, has had his images published around the world more than 200 times in articles written in more than eleven languages. His published works includes unique images illustrated by  the portrait of his four-month-old daughter being held by an astronaut that was picked up by Wired Magazine, travel images from dozens of countries featured in numerous travel sites, sports, breath-taking landscapes that include his shots of Endert's Beach in Northern California that were used by, and other general nonsense captured by his anomalous imagination. Additional publications using Michael's images include Slate Magazine, Frommer's online, The Roman Forum, and The Bangladesh Daily Star to name a few. License requests can be sent to

Michael's latest collection of images can be purchased directly from Blurb