08 August 2011

Baby Wiki

Not incredibly jazzed about this one but where credit is given... I'll take it (unless they're rude). That being said, on with the shoooo...

Published in 2011 on Baby WiKi - Complete Information Center for Your Baby, in the article What were the specific years of the baby boom? is one of my shots of the fireworks from Niagra Falls:

No, the gentleman above is not me. It's pretty clear the author of this content farm just did a quick search for Baby Boom on Google or Flickr and hit my shot. And don't even get me going on the start and the end of the Baby Boom or any other generation. As always, the views of the authors using my images may not be, and many times are not, my own.

Taken on Sept 3, 2006, I give you: Boom Baby, Boom


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