09 August 2011

9to6 Blog

Published in 2011 on another content farm, 9to6 Blog, in a "Q & A" article on Fax Machines...

Yep. That's me.

I'm kinda proud of this little taste of photoshopery. Taken on day 32 of my 365-Day project (FAIL), it is also part of a pretty cool jigsaw puzzle I made for my parents a few years ago for Christmas. BTW - while there are many different opinions of self portrait-trie in general and projects like the 365-day project on Flickr in specific, completing these projects is SOOOOO HARD! They force you to learn a tremendous amount about creativity, composition, and... fortunately or unfortunately, yourself. Check it out and be prepared to be amazed. My hat goes off to those that have completed it in the manner in which it was intended.

Taken on 06 November 2007 here is: No Land in Sight


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