26 November 2010

Cool “Toy Boat” images

Here's an image that I'm happy to see being used.. Published on My Top Toys & Games, the second image in the article, Cool "Toy Boat" Images on 10 August 2010...

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Now, the casual observer might see this as yet another instance of one of my ultra-popular images from Capri. And... it is... HOWEVER... it's an image I manipulated through tilt-shift processing to make it look like little tiny toy boats.

Shot in June 2005 in Capri, Italy, I give you...

Toy Boats off Capri

And because appreciate you so much, dear reader, here's a couple of my favorite tilt-shifts:

El Toro - Mini Monsters

Toy Parliament

Tilt-shift is a fairly easy bit of Photoshoppery. Just apply a little google-fu and you'll find a number of tutorials on the process. Here's a few useful links: delicious

And if you're still reading and would like to see more tilt-shifted-ness of mine... clickity, click


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