07 October 2010

Climate Change Could Cost 19%

Published in 2010 on Nachhaltiger.net (now defunct so, no link) an article about global warming and it's impact on national GDP's. Really, just a link to an article on Treehugger.com

Click for a better view...

This image was taken out our front window. Notice, it was taken from inside so... no shutters. The house has been lucky. Built in 1989, it's fared well. We were lucky - one small bathroom window busted, more shingles gone from the roof finishing the work started by hurricane Frances in 2004. This was the third hurricane in the record-breaking 2005 hurricane season  and SEVENTH in two years that included a young hurricane Katrina that blew through South Florida from the Caribbean on it's way to New Orleans.

During the storm we sit down to eat dinner and water starts dripping onto the dining room table. Worse yet, right onto MY DINNER. That really annoyed me. After setting up a small bucket and moving about two feet to the right, I finished my dinner and headed up into the attic to stop the leak. After about eight pounds (all I had) of putty the leak subsides. About three dry months later - new roof.

Now we've put up accordion shutters and, of course, there have been NO hurricanes (hrmph). Not that shutters will keep me from trying to get some shots if one heads this way. It'll just be a little more risky for me and not the house which, I suppose is good.

Here's the original image shot on 24 October 2005 right after the eye of Hurricane Wilma passed by just to the north:

Backside of the Eye

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