05 September 2010

Top Ten Places to Visit in Italy

Published on 07 July 2008 on The Hotel Club Travel Blog

I like this one because they grabbed two of my shots.
Mine are, of course, under the Capri heading about a third of the way down the page. I've cut some of the page to conserve real estate here. Not too crazy about the credit given. You have to go to the original web page source and click on the 1 and 3 links to see the credit...

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The first image (#1) is a shot of Capri harbor. A spectacularly gorgeous place. As an aside, if I could live in Capri, I would jump at the chance. With the added benefit of walking up and down a bazillion stairs and hills every day, coupled with incredibly fresh seafood, vegetables, olive oil, an LEMONS THE SIZE OF YOUR HEAD, I would live well past my printed expiration date of 110 years old...

Carpi Harbor on our way to the Blue Grotto, shot on 05, June 2005 with my second-ever digital camera, a Kodak EasyShare CX7530 Zoom well before I knew what I was doing.

Capri Harbor, Italy

The other image (#3) is from the top of Via Krupp and Anacapri looking out over the Mediterranean:

Capri, Italy

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