18 August 2010

Spiral Shaped Church

Published on 12 May 2010 on Travelogue of An Armchair Traveler
The last (6th) image on the page - the only one taken from inside the temple.
(Middle of the page sliced out)

The back story of how the inside image was shot is interesting. Just before a conference in Kansas City, we drove out to Independence to see the Truman library. The town could pass for Maybury, RFD. It was a Sunday and I could have laid down in the middle of Main street and taken a nap.

Turn this corner, then that corner and BLAM... It looks like aliens landed their mothership right in the middle. However impressive both inside and out - It looks really out of place in this sleepy little town. Laura and I park and walk over to the temple to get a closer look. A couple of shots later, I try the door which... opens.

We wander around for about two minutes and are greeted by a few very nice people who explain that we can't just wander but if we'd like a tour, they would be happy to oblige. So we receive a private tour, which includes a mandatory, twenty minute video that explains the history of the church community. It really was pretty interesting. Finally, we were guided into the main temple itself which is amazing in its size and architecture. With my Canon around my neck, the guide clearly knew what shot I want. She moves a few chairs and directs me to the exact center of the auditorium where I grab this shot:

03 June 2007
Community of Christ Church Cathedral
World Headquarters
Independence Missouri

Community of Christ Church Cathedral

Here is my image of the exterior:

Independence Missouri - UFO

And yes, we did make it to the Truman Library. If you ever get a chance, do stop by - it's amazing.

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