21 February 2010

Wired Magazine - Sex in Space, Why NASA Isn’t Talking

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Published 16 July 2008 in wired.com.
A HUGE publication:
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 666
  • United States Flag Traffic Rank in US: 271
  • Sites Linking In: 51,645

One my oldest images from 1988 and subsequently scanned (Thanks Spence).
Captured on film (actual FILM) with an original Canon EOS.

Image of my daughter, Amber, being held by an astronaut. Ok... maybe not an actual astronaut, but... maybe it was... Either way, he or she was just standing there not moving and then, all of a sudden, moved and stretched out his/her arms to hold Amber. Either way, very cool.

Taken at Cape Kennedy, Florida

Original Image:
Astronaut Dreams

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